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12 Layer Sketchbook Page

In the words of Always Inspired: "Anything is cute with a bird on its head!" I think she's right. Last night's sketchbook page featured a photo of my dog, Tink, modeling a cowl I made with a bird on her head.
Having repeatedly told myself that I'd like to start making pieces with more layering, I'm also proud to say that this page has TWELVE whole layers! I ended up stopping by walmart last night for cricut blades and bought 5 bottles of pretty craft acrylics. So I had a little layering party! By myself! Wait, I guess that's not a party then.
Of course, I had to slap some rain drops on there so it would still fit with my theme. It works. Have a delightful Thursday, friends.
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AlwaysInspired said...

Yay! I'm inspiring you ;)
Love the bird on the head. I'm working on layering too.

Aly B said...

I've got to agree! Love the glitter

Anonymous said...

Great, great, great journal page! I just love it!! x
PS the craft party bit made me laugh hehe - the way you write = also awesome.

Valerie said...

wow twelve layers! I love the colours you used ^^ I'm getting my hand out on Junque journaling ^^ it's fun too! (I made a blogpost about it, if you're interested)