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"Oh no, not more cats!" That's what Bobby keeps saying when I show him what I've been working on every day. Well, I've got to fill up my sketchbook with dogs and cats by January! I'd hate to not finish my book and have to send it to the Arthouse Co-Op as an incomplete work. Especially after a kind person sponsored me, having faith in my abilities... So endure the many cats, friends. Cats are cool anyway.
This page is to complete the "You make kitty scared" spread. The colors are a bit more muted than what I'm used to doing, but I think it works. I think it goes with the season, too! I put up my very few halloween decorations yesterday (two to be exact), and it made me wish I had more, not for just Halloween, but each season. I told myself once we buy a house and I know I won't be moving anymore, I'd begin making my serious decoration collection :) Well, happy Saturday!
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