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Stupid Dog Page: REDONE!

Alright, so if you scroll down on the blog, you'll see this page with this stupid dog drawing. It'll look crazy bright, busy, and just kinda... unattractive. So I sat down and tried to throw on some layers to make it a little better. After a green wash, some stamping, ribbon, ink, words and paint, this is what it turned into! I think I like it a lot better.
The right side is inspired by my dog, Tink. She always creeps up onto the bed to sleep when I'm downstairs, and jumps off when she hears me coming. I can tell she's been up there because there's a warm spot, and the smoothly made bed is now crinkly. She thinks she's being all sneaky, but I let her get away with it because I love her. I want her to know that someday.
I drew over the lines on the dog drawing with a blue pen to help them stand out more. Then I added a crown :)

Anyhoo, there's a environmentally friendly ribbon contest afoot over at Cream City Ribbon, and I want me some free ribbon! If you've got a sec, check out this video and also head over to see how to enter the contest. Happy Monday, friends!

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Joanna said...

Love the redo! It was cute before, but now the page really pops!

Dori Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

I love the dog! It kinda looks like a pug, like my Miss Maybel!