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Birds on Heads Tiny Book Pages!

Okay, I know you all were just dying with anticipation to see all the splendid little birds-on-heads pages of this tiny book! Since I had taken the pictures late in the evening before sendouts, I didn't take the best shots. There were horrid shadows, blaring glares, etc. I finally gathered the motivation to fix these once-crappy photos (thank you dodge and burn tools!) so I could share without too much shame. They're still not perfect, but meh.
Tada! Each spread had a color theme, with the overall cute theme of birds on heads :) Happy Friday! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
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AlwaysInspired said...

I just love my book! I take it down from the shadow box all the time to page through it. Especially when I need a smile. Thanks so much Kira!

Audrey said...

Birds on Heads is pure genius! I love everything about this tiny book. I love the birdies that are on other birdies heads!

jo sasser said...

gotta say . . . this is pretty damn cute.