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Tiny Scrap Bunting and a couple sketchbook pages

I've barely made ANYTHING! My back has been a real problem lately, so I haven't been very inspired. Or maybe it's just that I can't really sit and focus on making stuff. But anyway, one thing I've completed is cutting squares for that big ol quilt I'm planning. So with that, I've ended up with a lot of little scraps! Real quick, I snipped up some triangles and made this itty bitty bunting garland.
It goes nicely hanging just below my bulletin board on my semi-messy workspace. Look how tiny it is. Hooray for it.
Also, since I've been a bad blogger lately, I've got a couple of sketchbook pages together that I'm not 100% satisfied with. I finished these last week.
This blue page is a mess of strings and a sleepy cat. The idea was that she was dreaming of yarn... Not sure it's effective.

Happy Wednesday, friends!
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Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been hurting, I'm stuck at home too. It feels like you've been put on a time out from the world! ha! I love the pic of your workspace. It actually looks pretty together....unlike mine. :( Mine looks like a tornado with tons of little bits of paper on the floor! Keep up your work, it looks great!

Audrey said...

The mini bunting is so cute! Your workspace is so cute! I see a familiar postcard! Your sketchbook pages are so colorful! Love them!

Sorry your back has been being a pain!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kira,
sorry your back has been hurting. Your art though is so positive, and full of joy. i love the fact that it has a wonderful child-like quality.
A long time follower.

AlwaysInspired said...

Sorry to hear you are hurting!
Your tiny bunting is adorable! I think I must have one to hang from my shadow box! Oh, seasonal themed ones would be super fun!

Aly B said...

The bunting is such a cute solution to scraps! I think the yarn works well- I love the texture. And I haven't forgotten the little "thank you" gift, it's going out tomorrow .