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Big Ideas Colorful Coptic Stitch Tiny Journal

I made my second coptic stitch tiny journal today!!! Once you get the hang of the stitching, it's really pretty quick and simple. This time I used my little cheapo dremel-knockoff rotary tool(10 bucks at Harbor Freight Tools!) to drill all the tiny holes prior to stitching. It was MUCH easier than trying to punch a needle through the pages, as I could do all of them at once and they line up perfectly!
Here's the embellishment on the front, "Big Ideas." I figure I can work with that theme as I fill up the book... It's pretty versatile. I used my metal stamping set to make this :) I love that little set!
For the inside signatures, I used watercolor paper again, but this time before I cut it up, I painted both sides of the sheet with plenty of colors! I do the same thing to make inchie backgrounds.
Pretty nifty, eh? If anyone out there is teetering, thinking they miiiight wanna learn coptic stitch and start making journals, I heartily say, DIVE IN! It's not as tough as you might expect, and it's very rewarding to think, "Hey! I made that little book, bindings and all!" And it's way fun. Happy Friday! (FRIDAY ALREADY?!)
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Jaclyn Trecartin said...

I LOVE the brightly coloured pages!

Mallory said...

I love everything you make. Don't tempt me with yet ANOTHER craft. Or another tool. Ten dollar dremel-type thingy? YES PLEASE.

Aly B said...

The pages you made match perfectly with the cover- so cute!

Ruby Murray said...

Gorgeous, you may even have tempted me to try the coptic stitch too, been meaning to try it but I'm just too chicken!!!! Oh to be able to do it on a sewing machine, now that's less scary haha

LimeRiot said...

I have that $10 Dremel type thing too! Now I have no excuse to not try this project.

And I think I need a metal stamping tool also. I'm loving the look of it on your recent projects.

Hello there! My name is June said...

THis is most excellent! I adore the bright colors you painted the pages!

Mescrap said...

Such gorgeous. !!
The color make my heart sing.