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Little Altered Boardbook WIP

The other week, I found three little board books at the flea market for 50 cents. I've started to alter this one, and the cover is now finished! First, I peeled off the "story" on the inside, and it was pretty easy to do... it seemed to be covered in a thin sheet of plastic. Once that stuff was off, it was pretty good looking, just plain brown chip board :)
I used acrylic paints to make each inside spread a different color, then accented the edges with an inkpad and chalk pastels. I'll post each page spread as I finish them. I think I'm going to fill the pages with different watercolor paintings and things I'm thankful for.
I drew and watercolored this cockatiel for the front because I needed something to fill up the space after I glued on the "Life is good" things. The cockatiel's crest goes off to the left for that reason... I think it works!

Anyhoo, I'm having a pretty grand week. I hope you are too! Happy Wednesday!
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Audrey said...

This is so very cute, Kira!! I can't get over how amazing your sketching and watercoloring skills are! I'm pretty sure you're the queen!

Aly B said...

He is *adorable* I love the rosey cheeks

Hello there! My name is June said...

That cockatiel is hilarious! What a fantastic character! I love the bright colors you've used too.


Kandra said...

I adore your art and want to be like you when I grow up! (who am I kidding, I'm 35! LOL)

On the chalk pastels, do they not come off?

LOVE the birdie - so cute!

Kira - said...

Thanks, you guys!

Kandra, on these pages, I tried to rub off as much pastel as I could with my finger, so whatever was stuck on there is pretty well stuck! But if it starts coming off, I'll just spray it with some clear coat.

Prettyinpaisley said...

You must have read my mind. I too bought two thick board books at a thrift store, for altering. Crazy. :-)