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Wicked Circus Altoids Tin...

I've been sitting on this project for a little while now, since it's for a swap, and I finished really early. I haven't sent yet, but I've posted a spoiler warning, so I could be impatient and blog it! This angry bear had to be restrained with heavy chains because it was trying to escape and come to my blog... (Oh ho ho ho ho!)
The theme for the swap is "Wicked Circus" and to alter an altoids tin to showcase the creepy, wicked side of circuses, sideshows and carnival acts. This man is on the front of the tin, I'd say he's the ringmaster, enticing passersby to "Witness the majesty of..."
LULU, the Dancing Bear! I painted and sewed together the canvas on the left to look kinda like dingey, dirty bigtop tent fabric. I printed out those teeny tickets onto red cardstock and cut 'em out with help from a tiny hole punch. Lulu's skirt is made of tulle and ribbon (not so funny story: I accidentally dropped a LONG strip of tulle on the floor, and it got sucked up in the vacuum, melted, and destroyed the bearings in our vacuum. Plus side: we got a new vacuum?)
Here's the outside, covered oh so nicely in paper! Happy Tuesday!
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Mallory said...

This is so great! I love the fabric and the tickets and Lulu's outfit, especially the chain!

LimeRiot said...

It's BRILLIANT! I love how you did the canvas. Fits the theme perfectly.

Now I have wicked circus swap anxiety :). I need to just suck it up and finish!

Nichola said...

Awesome. I LOVE the colour :)

Anonymous said...

very cool...although I"m terrified of the circus. How did you do the outside of the tin. I've always wanted to do one, but I don't know what to cover the outside that would be durable.

Aly B said...

The colors are fabulous- I love how the inside of the lid looks like the circus tent, great detail! I'm rooting for Lulu =)