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Frog Smile More Album/Journal

My great friend Sarah (Hi Sarah, I know you're reading this!) had a birthday this past week. So I made her a frog and smile themed album/journal/whatever.
It's big enough to paste in 4x6 pictures. Binding bigger books is, I think, way more difficult/fiddly than binding tiny books! I'm pretty glad I have the skill now, though. Handbound books are awesome! And they make good gifts...
I used coptic stitch again (of course!) and bought some color coordinating papers for the inside signatures. I was surprised to see a while ago that Office Depot started carrying a little bit of a la carte scrapbook paper along with a ton of solid and textured cardstocks in a ridiculous number of different colors. Plus, it's within 5 minutes of my house. Bonus!
In other news, big ol' hail woke me from a delightful nap and also pelted the flip out of our cars this afternoon. This is a handful of it! It's the biggest hail that I've ever seen in person, with the biggest pieces about the size of a dime. I'm glad I wasn't out walking when it started raining down like so many tiny meteorites.

I hope you're having a great weekend! AND WHOA! I just noticed that my little blog just reached 300 followers! You guys rock!!!! :)

EDIT: Last night, the photos didn't upload properly, but they should be fixed now! Let me know if they're not showing up for you. Nessa, thanks for commenting last night to tell me what was up! Ten gold stars for you!


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

The pictures didn't show up for me but I'm sure it rocked! :)

Jamie said...

The journal is beautiful!! We had a ton of hail here too, nothing that big though but enough to hurt while I was running in from my car with a load of laundry =/ It was also thunder & lightning while hailing and snowing, craziness!!

Prettyinpaisley said...

OK... this is going to sound super weird: I was skimming your blog and saw this post. Somehow my brain connected the frog picture with the picture of your handful of hail and I thought to myself "Wow, She's holding a bunch of Frog eggs!"

Then I read that it was hail, and was semi-relieved.