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Beaded butterflies

Today was a magnificent Saturday. Bobby said no to the overtime, and he had today OFF! We drove the long drive "into town" (ha! that makes it sound like we live in the boonies, right?) and he took me to the fabric store AND the craft store!!!!!!! I got some awesome cotton prints and batiks. No specific plans for the new fabrics, but I might smell some wallets and stuff in the near future. Then my sweety took me out to eat at Olive Garden. We haven't been there in FOREVER. The salad was amazing, because it's so dang hot outside.
Having not crafted anything this busy day (GASP!!!?!) I will post an oldie, new to this blog. These are beaded butterflies! I've made five total, I think, the latest of which I have not photographed. I will get it on here eventually.
They are basically just cut from a cotton butterfly print and then heavily embellished with seed beads and sequins. The results are pretty, if I do say so myself.
Each butterfly take about 3-4 hours total. Good thing I have a lot of free time :) I love my job. (I love that I call this my job, too)
I made one into an ornament and sent it off to a swap partner! This is me being happy with it! And Bobby photo-bombing in the background. Haha, I love that man. Especially when he takes me to the craft store :D
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