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Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelets

Shrinky dink is one of my FAVORITE materials right now, seriously! The following are the charm bracelets I've made over the past 3 months or so. I love how I can have such tiny detail because of the shrinkage!
These cuuuute lil guys are Sanrio characters of Coro Coro Kuririn. I made this for a swap that hasn't been sent yet, soooo hopefully my swap partner doesn't read this. If so, DANGIT! Oh well.
This one has original drawing designs from Alice & Wonderland. My favorite is the Cheshire Cat. So mischief!
I flippin' love Disney and Mickey Mouse! I added some swarovski crystal beads, as the mouse deserves a little *bling*. I will keep this one indefiniately, where I will probably sell or give away the others. My only thing is that I can barely stand to keep a bracelet on for more than an hour or two. My wrists get tired, lol.
This one has little birdies and roosters on it. These charms are sooooo tiny. Think like 3 mm x 5 mm. It's hard to draw a real detailed image on these, as they are so small to begin with. So, the tiny birdie designs are perfect.

I'm hoping to make a bunch more of these, but as you can see from the Alice & Kuririn bracelets, I am out of clasps. They're on the way , though. I ordered some from Joann. I found 2 AWESOME necklaces at Goodwill with an unbelievable amount of chain on each, so I've got plenty of that. I've also made a lot of mini-charms from shrinky scraps, so yay.
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