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Yellow Bear Card Wallet/Wristlet

Ah, the lovely fabrics you can find in the remnants bin at Walmart... I can actually say "I crafted this today" about this project. I'm starting to get te hang of the sewing machine, slowly. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but I think I could actually get pretty decent at sewing. I just need to learn to keep my cool.
I actually screwed this up by sewing the wrist strap in backwards, so it would be sticking out the INSIDE instead of the right way. Luckily, my husband, in his infinite wisdom, told me to get a seam ripper while at the fabric store this weekend, so I didn't have to curse the world and my sewing machine... I fixed it, and I'm glad for it.
The inside isn't anything to have a party over, but it's not bad, right? No frills, no gimmicks. I just may make a few more of these for swaps, friends, fam, whatev... I need some other good ideas of small-sized projects to help me improve my sewing skills. I'm thinking headbands next. I use headbands.
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