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My pokemans!! Jigglypuff Rag Rug

I made this cute lil fella on Wednesday. It's made with the basic technique of "toothbrush" rugmaking. It's called that because traditionally, the tool you use to make this rug is a sawed off toothbrush handle. It's kinda melted and shaped to be a big ol' needle. There are some good instructions on That's where I learned a few months ago.

This jigglypuff took about 2.5 yards of pink cotton fabric, then I fashioned his eyes, mouth, and ear-blackness out of leftover fleece scraps and felt. I was thiiiinking about handsewing these details on, but after handstitching the eyes together, I thought, "meh" and just used the hot glue gun.

I took it to mutual along with some other crafts, because the yw were having a planning meeting to figure out what things they would like to do for Wednesday night activities. It was a hit, so the girls want to make these things on July 8th. Hopefully I can be a good teacher!

So, for now, this puff must remain unused to be an example...he will eventually find his way to just outside my bathroom shower.
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Tara Ethington said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! hahahaha this is so awesome!

PinkPug,INK. said...

I LOVE it! i want one!!