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Yeti Amigurumi

Aw, it makes me miss Disney World Expedition Everest... I know he looks much different, but it's the same. I can hardly remember whata the yeti on that ride looked like. Much scarier, I think.
His face is lined with super fuzzy feathers and he has sad little button eyes. I actually thought about placing the face up-side-down, so he looked happy, but decided on the sad face.

I feel kinda icky today...I hope my stuffy nose doesn't turn into a full-blown cold or sinus infection. I don't do well with antibiotics... I hate them and they kill me. On the bright side: another weekend :D
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Audrey said...

So cute!

Aly B said...

Oh my god he is adorable! The yarn around his face is perfect

malooh true said...

sorry that you're not feeling well; but all the same, your work is excellent.

malooh true said...

sorry you're not feeling well. All the same, your drawings and paintings are excellent.

Alexz said...

My boyfriend stole this. I mean fiance. (Don't think I will ever get used to saying that!) Anyhow, he LOVES it, as do I! Thanks again for all the awesome stuff you sent me! The yeti makes me and Kevin happy everyday! ^-^