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Crocheted Silly Bird

Today was seriously an amazingly beautiful day. I can't tell you enough how muc I love springtime!
I hadn't crocheted anything in a while and this is what materialized today! I couldn't bring myself to try to crochet wings, so I just made em from various flannel and felt, then added feathery accents.
The wings are a bit washed out in the other pics, so here's what they realllly look like! My sewing machine was zig-zagging wonky and I have no idea how to fix that.... Anybody know whats wrong?
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Over the Moon said...


Audrey said...

Oh my gosh! It's fabulous!!!!! I need it! Well I'll be wisting!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, very creative and inspiring!

MM said...

That is awesome and looks like a silkie chicken, kinda. I'm gonna link your blog on mine so I can keep up. You make so many cute things!