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Hoo-Dazzled Owl ATC

Made it today (triumph!!!) after much moping around in my craft room unable to think of what to do. Yesterday I carved a few stamps, one of which was a bubble texture stamp (pictured below), so I thought I'd try and make a Kathryn Wheel-esque background with lots of layers and whatnot. This is what I came up with in ATC form! You can kiiinda see where I used the bubble stamp on this with a platinum metallic stamp pad. Then I drew the owl, cut him out and slapped him on there with gluestick. Oh! Then a guinea fowl feather for good measure.

Here's the ol' handcarved stamperoo! Not my best work, but it's functional enough. The other two stamps I carved are much better, but they're for a swap, so you can't see them until later. Happy Weekend, friends!
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grbev said...

thought you might enjoy this incredible piece of creativity:

From Utah,


Kira - said...

Bev!!! Thank you SO MUCH! That was really amazing and oh so inspiring!!! Artbooks in artbooks in artbooks... A dream come true!

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

That's cute! I feel you on the crafting block. That's always sucky.

Prettyinpaisley said...

I love the feather!

Prettyinpaisley said...

I loved this before I got to look at the ACTUAL THING! OMG! You're amazing. It's so beautiful, thank you for sending it to me! Hoo-ray!