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Imminent Fish Nom ATC

Hey everybody! Been making a few things here and there... Still not crafting at 100% capacity, but when the pressure's off things seem to be flowing a bit more freely, which is good. Thanks to those who left sweet comments wishing me better creativity vibes!
I started a personal blog this week and it feels good to have a place to ramble on about whatever the heck I want! Plus, I don't have to bore you guys with my ramblings. ANYWAYS, I made this watercolor and ink fish ATC. The original fish drawing had lots of pointy teeth, but I just didn't want to cut them all out.

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Happy Tuesday!
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AlwaysInspired said...

I just adore that background technique! Makes for such wonderful underwater scenery!

Christia said...

Oh he's cute! I like him better without all the teeth, makes him cute vs. vicious! LOL

Audrey said...

Oh my gosh!!! This is my favorite atc that you made ever!!! It's AMAZING!!! I'm wisting! I'm glad you've had a little time to craft. THe stuff you do in the background is sooooo amazing!