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Divine Nature Calendar!

So I was in charge of the craft for the young women's activity this evening! They're supposed to be working on a personal progress goal that includes trying to do something nice or spiritual each day. I figured a sort of Kathryn Wheel-inspired calendar would be a good way for them to keep track of the kind things they do, and a fun little project. So, my new Cricut to the rescue!!!
I'm so psyched at how FAST I was able to cut out about 175 inchies with that machine. It occurred to me that I never need another punch again. :)
Here are some of the girls working. They did a pretty great job and hopefully had some fun! I was proud. Well, happy Wednesday, friends!
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Moe said...

this is beautiful!! I love the different patterns for each day.

Nichola said...

So loverly!

LaLa said...

I cannot believe how talented you are! My duaghter knows how much I appreciate anyone that has crafty talent so she sent your blog on to me. You are absolutely wonderful and I love your style of art. Please continue to entertain us with your talents. You are going to go far in life. You are beautiful inside, outside and all that you touch. Thank you for sharing!

thekathrynwheel said...

Aha! Another art calendar! This looks wonderful - you have such a great sense of colour :-) Lucky you to have a cricut to cut out the squares - that job takes me ages!
Nice work :-)

Jeanine said...

Natalie wants to make one! Can you come to WA and do that YW project here? =)