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Such a good day!

Whoa-ho! I have had what feels like a LOOOONG day today! And this stack is only a portion of today's spoils :)

I went to a thrift store wth my best buddy today because they were having a "Fill a paper bag with clothes for $2" event. So for a crafter, that equates to "Fill a bag with scrap fabric for CRAZY CHEAP." It was so fun and insane. There was a ridiculous amount of clothes to pick through and tons of people there. So after rummaging for about an hour and a half, I filled 2 whole bags for a grand total of $4.00. For crafting, I got 7 sweaters to make into stuffies and whathaveyou and heaps of beautiful patterned prints and solids that you see all nice and cut up in a stack in the picture (and that's not even all of it!). It's all going to become the most wonderful quilt you've ever seen.

And in addition, I got (for me to wear) a beautiful sweater, and long flowy pretty dress, a shirt, and a long patchwork skirt. Score. Oh yeah and 2 outfits for my nieces, and a bagful of FREE hangers (that I had planned on buying next week anyway). All for 4 bucks. BOO YA. Well, after all that hunting, laundrying, cutting and folding, I feel 99% out of batteries, but I just had to share my super good day with you guys :) Happy Friday!!!!!
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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

What an awesome deal! WOOT!

artymess said...

great stuff Kira can't wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with...x

Mallory said...

Sounds like an awesome day. Four bucks! Amazing.

Karin said...

Oooh jealous! :) Great finds!

Anonymous said...

You won my giveaway yay!! Look here