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Pumpkin Man Thank You Card

I just realized that I haven't blogged this little card I made to go with the pumpin man hanging decoration! Trying to model the same guy, I made this out of various papers and things.
My cricut came in handy for the lettering. I ran out of black buttons, so I just painted some white ones with black acrylic ink.

I've been pretty darn busy lately! Not enough time to craft the little things. I started cutting squares from all the scrap fabric to make a quilt. I'm shooting for ambitious and making a queen size. Wish me luck! I'm about halfway done with cutting squares... I have no idea how I'm going to quilt the thing, though! If any of you reading this are avid quilters and have one of those big machines that quilt really fast, I just might be interested in swapping services for crafts :) Well, happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend.

(PS. I accidentally published a silly post on here that was meant for my personal blog! :) I've already deleted it, but if a "fat pics" post shows up in your subscription feed, go ahead and just disregard that... Ummm, yep! >.<)
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AmyK said...

Definitely a cute card. Love the little pumpkin man!

Anonymous said...

I think the pumpkin man is awesome!! Love his expression hehe!
Best of luck with the quilt - good to be ambitious! xx

Anonymous said...

Me again. I was reading on down my reader list and saw this post mentioned quilting - - maybe she has some tips?

Jamie said...

I adore this card. I am not a paper crafter at all and I am in awe of you awesome skills!! I just found your blog and am soo happy I did!

Anonymous said...

the hat on this pumpkin looks a lot like the hat on your real pumpkin!

I hope you feel better soon!