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WIP! Lots of layers...Mixed media painting

I was hoping to post this as a completed piece, but I've gotten zero crafting done over the weekend! I've been in the process of getting my craft room junk-free and organized. Unfortunately, what would take most healthy folks a day or two, will probably take me four or five, and that's even with gross overexertion on my part. My back is really killing me today!
Anyway, I started this mixed media piece last week, experimenting with all sorts of media and layers! 10 layers so far, and hmm, I'm just going to list the media/layers to be fun. Canvas, sheet music, craft acrylics, tulle, tissue paper, acrylic wash with matte medium, more acrylic, eyeshadow stick, pigment ink, crystal glaze, (uhhh, that sack-material? I honestly can't remember what it's called right now), satin embroidery thread. Lots of stuff, huh? :)
You can catch a little glimpse of the mess I'm dealing with... Once that's all taken care of, I'll finish this painting! I'll likely add a branch of something, and watercolor an owl or bird or something. Well, maybe if I'm feeling a litttle saucy and adventurous, I might mix it up and do a badger or something. Stay tuned.

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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Are you thinking of burlap? This is will be awesome. I love the layers. :) If you lived closer to me I'd help you clean. I love organizing stuff.

Kira - said...

YES! BURLAP! I knew it earlier today, but things tend to slip away sometimes... lol, what would I do without you, Nessa? Man, I'd love a hand organizing!

DeeAnn said...

I love your new project. My heart goes out to you with your bad back. Years of storm chasing and dance are catching up to me. I am getting bone spurs in my back. It is very painful. I pinched a muscle in my back the other day while working in the craft room. Now, I am hobbling around. My craft room looks like a disaster zone since I was in the middle of an organizing project. Take your time and heal. Craft rooms that are disaster zones are quite creative. :) Hugs to you.