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Made-for-you ATC Mini-Quickie-Giveaway

This month, I jumped back into the Craftster Ongoing ATC Swap! I didn't trade as many cards as I had originally envisioned, but had fun anyway. The way it works is each artist has a list of themes that they would like to receive cards made specifically for, and then they get picked chain-style. So when I declare I'm making an ATC for So-and-So, then I get picked next by Whats-her-face, then Whats-her-face gets picked by The-Ugly-One, etc. etc. It's great fun.
 This card was made after the (smart!) theme of "Your Favorite Faux Swear." I thought it was perfect, because we LDS folks have a faux-cuss for every regular cuss, and even for some cusses that aren't really cusses anyway. "SON OF A BISCUIT!" is one of my faves, I had a hard time picking between that one and "What the fetch?!"
This one was made for a "Chipmunks" theme. It's drawing and watercolor, then of course I had to add a wee placard made with my metal punching set!

Now for the quickie giveaway, leave a comment with 2 things: 
1) Your favorite faux swear word or phrase. (If you don't have one, or just cuss normal, make up a faux.)
2) A favorite theme (i.e. birds, the color blue, mushrooms, Harry Potter, etc)

On Friday, I'll use to pick a winner, then I'll use one of the winner's themes to make a custom ATC just for them. The rules: Don't comment any REAL cuss words, and make sure there's a way to contact you (via clicking your username, leaving an e-mail, etc) just in case you win.

I'm also planning a significantly bigger giveaway for the future, so this isn't all! GOOD LUCK, you sons of biscuits! :)


Jen said...

Hey there! First of all I thought I commented yesterday (to congratulate you on 300) but I don't see it there. Hmmmm.... Secondly - you are so talented - I can't miss out on one of your give aways! So here ya go...
1) Holy Guacamole! (When I'm being careful) ;)
2) Not terribly original, but "birds" - or even crows to be more specific.
Keep up the awesomeness!

Megan said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into swaps. I always love your items (I'm TerraBella01 on craftster...we've swapped ATCs before).

I tend to say "what the duck?!"

Theme: Birds!

Thanks for the opportunity to get another wonderful ATC from you :)

corduroy cat said...

i say dangit a lot but my fave is "oh my glob, lump off!" from the cartoon adventure time :)

my fave theme is sloths

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

My favorite is holy shittake mushrooms. The rest of my sayings are extremely offensive. lol.

I've been wanting robot themes!

Mary said...

I love when they make up stuff to replace cuss words in movies. Like I heard a snippet from "Snakes on a Plane" where he was like "Get these monkey-fightin' snakes off my Monday-to-Friday Plane" ha ha :)

My favorite theme is animals. I particularly love cats, owls, and woodland creatures :)

GillianIvy said...

"Catgone it!" My son's made up version for doggone it.

Favorite theme would be Dragons or mythological.

Kayla Anderson said...

First time commenting - I love your site!! I'm a new crafter, so your stuff gives me hope for future projects when I'm more experienced. =]

My favorite faux swear is "Cheesey Rice!"

And my theme is the many shades of the color green.

Lisa said...

Hi Kira,
What a fun giveaway!! I do indeedily use a lot of faux swears. Now that I'm thinking about it, they kinda all surround food... heh. Among my favs are "peas & rice!" and in the same vein are "cheese & crackers!"... so silly! I've also used Son of a Biscuit, but we say "son of a biscut eater!".
Ok, so a theme... hmm. Well, I do love me some Harry Potter, but I also love rainbows and all the bright colors that you use, which is why I love your blog so much. Please toss my name in the hat, I'd love a chance to win.
Have a great day!

DJ said...

Aww I just discovered your site from surfing crafter boards and saw your LOLcat shrinky dinks (They are so lovely!!) and I am glad I found this site, cuz it's so awesome!

I am teacher, so I have to watch my language all the time...I use various things like "Oh, merciful Myrtle" or "Gol-darn-it" but my favorite one to use (especially with my friends) is "shut the front door!" when I am amazed my something haha :D

I would really love something Doctor Who or Harry Potter related, or even LOLcats hehe :D

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

Mother of Pearl is a classic for me. Exclaiming "sugar!" is also frequent. I also enjoy "frack it."


Unknown said...

Hi Kira! What a fun little giveaway! I would say my favorite faux-swear i 'Aw, freak-crap!' Haha, a buddy made it up back in high school and it kinda stuck! And as for themes....owls!!

Mallory said...

I always giggle when I hear "Son of a Cracker" or "Cheesus Crust."

I, like half the planet, like "birds" as a theme.

jo sasser said...

Oh, this is so exciting!

I use lots of these little kid-friendly curses, but when caught offgaurd I tend to let my inner "angry british woman" fly . . . "oh, buggar me!" or "blast it all!"

my favorite themes: sugar skulls and bunnies

BalatongTNC said...

how fun! I usually say, "what the..?!" and just end it there, or "shoot a monkey" even though I have nothing against monkeys, and "son of a motherless goose."

my favorite themes: Asian, mushrooms, The Office

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I speak french and i have a 3 years old daugther at home so i replace a french curse by " Tabarouette".

My theme would be The Backyardigans, i love Pablo the penguin !

AlwaysInspired said...

I tend to have a terrible potty mouth, but when I must keep it clean I tend to say "Freakin' A" or "Son of a Sailor!".

As for themes I love so many things, but I'll say monkeys or moons as I'm in an M mood. ;)