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Teeny Mythbusters Sign!

Yay! I ordered a metal punching alphabet set to use for the One Tiny Harry Potter Thing on Craftster(I'm done with my project, BTW, and I can't wait to show you!), and the punches came yesterday! I didn't have any metal to punch, so I went on a short walk outside and found a pop can less than a block away. Thank goodness for litter (?). I've been making little metal things saying silly things, and epiphany! I could make a little Mythbusters sign! :D
I love Mythbusters! I think next I want to make little 'plausible,' 'confirmed', and 'busted' signs and make them into a little magnet set. How cool would that be? I hope you're all having a great weekend!
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Numinosity said...

The cutest little signs!
I got some stamps at a garage sale and think it's loads of fun to pound out words, I just started a journal of random word that I'd like to incorporate into some pieces.
xoxo Kim

Aly B said...

I *love* Mythbusters! This is adorable- and what a great use for trash!

LimeRiot said...

Ha ha!! This is so fun and I love the idea of making the Plausible, Confirmed, Busted signs too. That would be awesome.

I can't wait to see more metal punched projects from you!

Lisa said...

I love Mythbusters too, and I think your tiny sign is terrific! (Can't wait to see the Harry Potter project, too!!) I think a magnet set would be great. I can see them hanging on my fridge with grocery reminders... It's "plausible" that we'll be out of milk by tomorrow, it's "confirmed" that the eggs are "busted" and so on... Oh dear... I think I need to go to bed. Insomnia is a booger.

AlwaysInspired said...

Love this! I can only imagine the possibilities with those punches!