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7 things! I'm tagged!

Well, I don't post much about myself here on this blog. Mostly just craft stuff, but Alexz tagged me to post 7 things about me, and then tag 7 other bloggers! I'll play along, so you can get to know me a little bit :) If you haven't already gone to check out Alexz's blog, DO IT and do it now! Not only is her style totally unique and delightfully spooky, she is a truly wonderful person.

On to the 7 random things:

1. My ethnic background is half Filipino, and half English/German. I'm often mistaken for Indian, Mexican, Hawaiian, Native American, etc. depending on my level of skin darkness at that time. The most common one is Mexican. My husband told me he almost started speaking to me in Spanish when he approached me for the first time, and he wouldn't have been the first person to do so. When that happens (which is often) I smile and say "Sorry, I don't understand. I'm American..."

2. When I was 17 I entered a Miss America local pageant as a joke and won it. I was about to leave the state for college in Hawaii, but won $7,000 in scholarships and prizes and was contractually obligated to stay in my hometown for another year to prepare for and compete for Miss Washington title. If I hadn't won my local and moved away, I never would have met my husband.

3. I like to make stupid faces and stupid noises and do stupid little dances. I prefer to be silly! I think it helps me to be a happier person.

4. My husband and I met at the end of April, got engaged at the end of May, and got married in the middle of August of the same year. We were planning a December wedding, but found that planning a wedding was a drag. One day we said "SCREW IT! Let's get married next week!" and did in my parent's garden. A lot of relatives thought I was had to be pregnant, but I wasn't! Just in love! We've been together for 4 years now and it gets better every day!

5. My dream job is to be Princess Jasmine in the Disneyland live production of Aladdin. I've always looooved the performing arts as well as regular old arty art. Do you ever watch Glee? Yeah, I was in Show Choir and it was amazing.

6. I was raised by two outstanding wonderful parents and I respect them more and more every day. They taught me how to live, how a marriage is supposed to be and how to be a decent human being! If you think I'm cool, you should meet my mom & dad!

7. I have ten houseplants and I love most of them. One of them I've been trying to kill for several years, but it's survived so much abuse that it's finally gained my respect and I repotted it this week. My favorite plant is my jade plant and its baby plant.

Well, there you have it! Longest post in history. I don't blame you if you didn't read it all!!! I will tag:
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Bam! See you tomorrow! Happy Thursday!


Alexz said...

Kira, I am one of those people who thought you were Indian! In some of your pictures you have Indian type sari's and colors and I just assumed you were. lol. Either way, you are gorgeous and I am not surprised you won that Beauty Pageant. Thanks for such lovely comments!

Audrey said...

You are soo gorgeous and fabulous! I though you were indian too, but one of my high school friends is Filipino and I can now see the ethnic similarity! It's awesome that you won a Miss America contest, and when you talk about you're husband it's soooo cute! I'm glad you are happy and in love! YAY, I got tagged.

You are fabulous and have become one of my best friends ever! Thanks for being there for me when no one else was. Talking to you and looking at you're projects has inspired me so much!!


Lindsey said...

Cool post! I was curious to know more about you.

Nate True said...

(I'm Kira's brother) Once when I was in Belize on a cruise, the Mayan guy leading our cave tubing expidition got angry at me for not knowing Spanish. I didn't figure out that he thought I was Mayan until later. I'm not Mayan, bro!