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Friday, March 12, 2010

Collage Postcards

Isn't that tattooed man the BOSS?! I decided that I need to start doing a little bit more collage because I have tons of pages out of books, ephemera, scraps, etc. that I need to start using up so I can justify keeping the other awesome pages, ephemera, scraps, etc. that I come across :) So I'm turning back and restarting my efforts to use up things by making postcards.
This one is a little more random. Kitties and Coke.
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artymess said...

He rocks Kira I love your work........I was wondering if my posts show up ??? it doesn't go through the same process as on other blogs........Lorna

Kira said...

Thanks Lorna! :) Yep, they show up eventually! I just moderate the comments, so I've got to approve em before they show up! Keep leaving them, they make me happy :D