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Bright Collage Postcard

This guy's one of a set of three postcards I made a week or two ago... The colorful squares/rectangles in the background are some of the little scraps of bright colored paper I had stashed up. The boy is cut from an old kid's encyclopedia book, then I painted on the bubbles with white acrylic paint.

In other news, holy crap am I sick. From what I hear from various friends around America, people are pretty much getting colds and junk all over the place. Not fun. So chances are that some of you reading are sick, and my sympathies defiinitely go out to you. Get well soon, and if you're lucky to be healthy now, stay away from us ill folks. You don't want it.

Have a good weekend!
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1 comment:

Audrey said...

OMG IT'S FABULOUS!!!!!! I love the bubbles, do more with those!!!!!!