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Scrabble tile WIPs

Noooooo! I can't be getting sick! NOOOOOO!!!

*Ahem* Okay, where were we? Oh yes, scrabble tile pendants. These babies are still works in progress, as I've yet to apply resin or bails and whatnot. Once I have a good big batch of teeny scrabble tile-sized artwork, I'll do the resin. I hate to mix up smallish batches of resin because it's so dang smelly and a lot of it sticks to the inside of the containers I mix it in. Seems like a waste.

Anyways, I'm going to go eat some oranges now and try to sleep off what may or MAY NOT be a cold coming on.
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Alexz said...

Hey, I have been doing the same thing all week, Kira! Awesome minds think alike, I guess. :) And I am soooooooo dying to know what you are making for me with a soldering iron!

Kelly said...

very awesome! do you use a mold for these or do you just glue the image to the tile and then brush resin over it?

Kira - said...

No molds for these! I glue the image onto the scrabble tile then add resin directly to the top. It's kind of the consistency of maple syrup, so it makes a nice kind of dome on top.