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Seagull with Landing Gear ATC

Yay! Now that AlwaysInspired has received this ATC, I can post it! She said she liked birds with tennis shoes, so I had to oblige :) This ATC is titled "Proper Landing Gear."
I had to find the shoes from a magazine first (these feet are Selma Blair's). It's much easier to draw a bird that goes with the shoes rather than try to find shoes that are perfect for the bird. I've tried that before and it's maddening... you can search through each page of ten magazines and find several pairs that would have been just right, if they weren't standing in the opposite direction you need! Anyways, happy Wednesday, everyone!
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Nate True said...

Nice! Looks like this ATC just took a 'tern' for the awesome!

artymess said...

i love your birds .....and sense of humour ....Lorna

AlwaysInspired said...

I just love my little friend! He makes me giggle!