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2'' x 2'' Mini Birdy Book

I made this little book for a personal swap with the very talented Sarah (she does art AND music, and rocks at BOTH!) and was pretty happy with it! I have a ton of twinchie bases cut out from a while ago and I want to start using them up and making little books galore. I kind of wish I had a corner rounder, because that would be really cute.
Here are the various pages. Happy Thursday everyone! I'm off to tidy up the house... I totally neglected it this week because of the garden. (Thanks to AlwaysInspired for the tips on yellow squash! I decided on zucchini and I'm going to plant it on the "down low" in an overgrown weedy area that I'm not sure is mine to plant in. If my plan gets ruined and I can't grow there, oh well. It'll have lots of room to spread out if all goes well! SECRET PLANTS! SQUEE!)
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AlwaysInspired said...

Love the itty bitty book!
Yay for renegade planting!

Anonymous said...

ah, please dont take this the wrong way, but I love your use of colors... kinda reminds me of Lisa Frank.

Kira - said...

Melissa, I absolutely don't take that the wrong way! I grew up on Lisa Frank notebooks and stickers, and now that you mention it, I bet that has somewhat influenced my love of brights :)