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Colortastic and Blue Bowls!

I've been doing a ton of fabric bowls lately for gifts and things, and I was pretty excited to use my variegated thread for the first time last night! It turns out so rad! Definitely worth the few extra bucks.
You can see some shiny material there, the green and pink. That thar is ribbon, and the sheen is so fancy, it had me wondering why I hadn't used it before. I didn't put handles on this one for a couple of reasons... First, I wanted to see how it would look with no handles. Second, I was afraid I'd run out of cord.
This blue one I made for my dear MIL for Christmas! She really liked it and it made me happy :D
After using my mom's sewing machine to make that red/mustard one at her house, I've noticed that my machine doesn't make the bowls as well (foot in mouth after teasing my mother, "my machine is way better than yours!"). I think there's a bit of an overhang that doesn't allow a sharp curve up on the lip of the bowl. Maybe I'll whip out my other machine and see how the old monster does on bowls. Blargh, I'll probably need a new sharp needle.
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