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Fat Yellow Bird on a Toadstool!

I painted a fat yellow bird tonight because I've been so worried about my fat yellow bird, Kitty the lovebird... She's been really sick. The last few days she has been ill, but yesterday was the worst. She was stumbling around, using her wings to balance herself, throwing up and glassy eyed. She could barely hold her head up... I know that when birds show that level of sickness, they are usually dead within few hours. I got her when I was 13, so she's had a fairly long life, but I'm not ready for her to go because it just seems like she's always been there.
The good news is that she lived through last night and seems to have returned to normal. No signs of sickness today, which is a miracle. She's responsive, feisty, and making all of her usual hoots and whistles. I'm not sure yet if she's recovered fully, though. I'm sadly skeptical... Time will tell. For now I'll just worry.
Anyways, I painted this bird with watercolor, cut it out, added some shoes cut out of US Weekly, some sheet music, painted a mushroom, then slapped it all onto a piece of scrapbooking paper with the hot glue gun. Have I ever mentioned that I love the hot glue gun?

Good night everyone. Here's to another night Kitty makes it through.
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Alexz said...

This is absolutely adorable. And it is so heartfelt and touching. I am really sorry about your bird. Losing pets is so hard. :(

I hope she makes it through, but no matter when the time comes, this will be such a wonderful commemoration of her!

Aly B said...

I am glad to hear Kitty is feeling better and I hope her health keeps up. The little bird is so fluffy and cute! And I love what you've done with the blog =)

AlwaysInspired said...

This made me smile! So cute!