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Plushie Apple Retractable Measuring Tape

I sewed up this little measuring tape for a friend tonight! It's upcycled angora sweater material and felt! I wish I would have snapped a photo of the measuring tape before I covered it with the apple. Oh well.

It's basically one of those small plastic measuring tapes that you pull out and press a button to make the tape shoot back in. You pull the leaf and PRESTO! Then just squeeze the apple and it's back to normal.

This little thing was just so fun to make. I got the idea from some swap items I received made by other people. I have a Mary Poppins hat where you pull the flower out for the tape, and a cupcake one where you pull out the cherry on top. Super fun, cute, and USEFUL!
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Unknown said...

Hi Kira!

I found your blog because Im looking to buy a Mary Poppins measuring tape. check it up at the end of the clip!

To my knowledge (30 mins searching on the web) it does not exist.

You seem to be good with crafts. Perhaps you can make me one?

Let me know, we can make a deal. My email is: (what follows is all without spaces, dont want to get more spam)
g e r m a n p u l i d o @