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Sharks, animal tower and a scary monster postcard

I've been crafting ALL STINKIN' DAY! It's funny how the time flies when you haven't got any distractions or immediate responsibilities... So I've got some postcards to post! These particular ones were done yesterday, but you'll see the newer ones soon enough. You all get a bonus post today :)

I'm trying to use up scraps and little bits, so with this one, I was able to use some tiny scraps along with some old hammerhead doodles I was hanging onto. I was trying to figure out the eye and mouth placements.
There's some story I can hardly remember where a bunch of animal musicians wander around stacked on top of each other... I wish I remembered what it was, but this doodle is inspired by it.
Aaaaaand another little monster. Not so scary... it does have some pretty sweet abs, though. I need some postage stamps!
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Sam said...

Sounds like a wonderful day you had, and the postcards are fantastic. Is it the Bremen Town Musicians you are thinking of?

Kira - said...

Yes! I do believe it is! I'm going to have to go to the library to see if I can find a version of it.