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Octopus & Jellyfish Postcards

Here are a couple more postcards to look at! On this one, I used the octopus stamp that I carved a while ago and embossed it with my new heat gun. Embossing is so fun, but the little embossing crystals get everywhere and usually end up all stuck to my forearm somehow.
A simple doodle postcard using the patterned back of some used stationary. I love drawing jellyfish. It's all the little tentacles!

So, I've noticed a lot of my blogger friends are making lists of crafty things they want to do this year. I think that's an excellent idea! I've already been inspired by so many people to try making new sorts of things! To name the ones I have in the front of my mind: a mini altered journal, a fiber fatbook (already started!), a book of chunky pages, and an illustrated storybook with pop-ups. This year feels like it's gonna be filled with books. Can't wait!!!
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Audrey said...

Wow Kira, you are awesome! I love all the bubbles in the octopus! and I love you're drawings the jellyfish is way to cute!! I can't wait to seea bigger list of the things you hope to make this year!