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Matryoshka Ornament

Now this little stuffie ornament is really similar to another bigger plush I made I think last year... She's a matryoshka-inspired lady made from a red angora sweater.
She reminds me of Mary Poppins a little. Maybe I'll make a Mary Poppins one day! That would be cute, right?
Her bouquet of flowers :)
A pre-rosy cheeks shot right after I took her off the embroidery hoop. Her features and stuff are all felt and embroidery thread.

Happy Sunday!
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Morgan said...

You should make a Mary Poppins one! :) That would be cute.

Jeanine said...

So Natalie wants to know if you're opening up your own shop to buys stuff at soon?

Kira - said...

Yep! I'm planning on having my online Etsy shop open by the end of August.

Joanna said...

Can't wait for your shop to open! She is adorable :)