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Doodle hangtags

Lately, whenever I stay up really late, I tend to make hangtags... So here we go. The blue patterned paper on these kitty ones is actually the inside print on a security envelope. Yay for recycling!
These are recycled too.... the patterned part is the front of a notecard! Gee, I have been doing a lot of doodled stuff lately. I hope it's not getting too boring.
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K said...

I recognize that notecard! I bought them because they were on sale and I thought they would be pretty to cut up. I'm jealous of your doodles, mine look like they were drawn by a kindergartner. I especially love your little birdies!

Audrey said...

It's not getting boring at all! I love you're doodles Those cats are super cute, expecially the biggest one!