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Got scraps?! Make a fabric bowl!!!

Yay!!! I FINALLY made a fabric bowl! I've been wanting to for a while, but my sewing machine wasn't up for the challenge. Now with my new machine, there was no excuse not to anymore :) I used this lovely tutorial which was pretty easy to follow. My only change is that I didn't take the time to cut my strips' ends into 45 degree angles, and instead of using a binder clip, I used a single headpin.
Here's my pile of fabric strips that I cut specifically for this project, but you could just as easily use any scraps you have laying around.
So you wrap these fabric strips around some kind of soft rope or cord, then zig-zag sew it into a spiral, tilting it once you want the lip of the bowl to come up. The tute suggests cotton clothesline, but I used 100% cotton piping filler used for pillows and bags and whathaveyou. It was about 3 dollars at walmart in the fabric section, but I think I would find something cheaper to use for next time, probably clothesline. This bowl took 10 yards of cord.
Tada!!! You can finish the whole thing in a couple of hours... And it's really cool in person! I'm definitely going to be making more for gifts. Oh BTW, I was pretty surprised at how substantial this thing is, it's not floppity at all like you'd expect. The tute says you can put "notions" in your bowl, but what the heck is a "notion"?! I'll probably use mine for yarnballs or fruit.
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Jeanine said...

Turned out good -- you're quite the seamstress.

Christia said...

Love that! Seriously. What sewing machine did you get?!?!?!?

Kira - said...

It's this one:

I'm really happy with it so far!!!

Yolette Mabilangan Cuevas said...

you are very good with what you do. always a good job!

Tara Ethington said...

HC! That's tight!

Irina said...

Hi, I have featured this lovely idea in a blog post called 20 ways with piping. Please check it out if you’d like.

Best regards