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NEW! Altered journal for my small-scale artpieces :D

OK! I have been toying with the idea of starting a new altered journal to serve as an album for some of my smaller-scale pieces of artwork, mainly ATCs. Also, I'll have a place to paste my smaller paintings, favorite hangtags and inchies, etc. All in a convenient little book, so they're not scattered all about the craft room in danger of getting lost or *GASP* accidentally nudged into the trash! This will also be something fun the future kids can look at.
Here is the cover art before I attached it to the front of the book. I bordered this with some handspun fun yarn thread stuff and it looks pretty cute :)
Here is the first page, displaying a paintchip doodle set and my favorite hangtags that I don't ever want to use as hangtags!
So basically, this will be diferent from my art journal in that the page embellishments will be relatively simple with the main focus being on the ATC, inchies set, small painting or whathaveyou. Plus, since there are wider margins, I can doodle a little on the edges if I want to later!
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Anonymous said...

what is an "ATC"?

Kira - said...

An ATC is a little piece of artwork that is 2.5" x 3.5" (precisely the size of a baseball card). Artists trade them. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card

They're really fun because you can make em so quickly as compared to making larger-scale pieces of art :)

audio-astrophysics said...

Wow such a great idea Nooo! I've wanted to do something like this too! Are you just putting things you've made or a mix of things you made and other people sent you?

Kira - said...

Just ones that I've made to keep for myself... Haha, I know it kind of defeats the whole "trading" aspect, but I do send enough of 'em off, so I'm okay with it :)I keep all the ones I receive in a special binder with those plastic 9-a-page sheets, so I can still see the backs of them to know who made them.