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Ugly Sweater Re-Con into LEGWARMERS!

I got this horrendous sweater at the flea market for $1.00 earlier in the year, and it has been sitting in my stash, waiting to be reconstructed into stuffies, hats, whatever... Well, today is a chilly day, and stubborn as I am, I don't want to turn the heat on. My ankles were feeling a little cold, because I'm lounging in capri pants and only really have ankle socks... I thought, gee, I could use some leg warmers right now. *Lightbulb* With a snip snip snip and a sew sew sew, here are my new legwarmers....
I had to slip on my shoes, because frankly, the legwarmers looked ridiculous with my white socks. Still, they are quite functional even without the shoes on. The sleeve cuff works quite nicely to keep them from falling off or down...My ankles are nice and warm as I blog this blog. (it just occurred to me that my dog is standing next to me in this picture and it also occurred to me how funny it would have been if she were wearing her own set of smaller leg warmers.)
All I did was cut off the sleeves, folded over the raw edge and then sewed a straight-stitched hem a half inch from the edge(I tried to use a zig-zag stitch initially, but it didn't look quite right. The straight stitch won't stretch, but I don't really need it to). For good measure, I added another straight stitch about another half inch up... I wanted to make sure the knittedness of the sweater didn't become unraveled.
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Autumnkisses said...

I was just going to say that about your dog before I read your comment..hehe