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Street Fair here in town....

I went to the Enterprise Fall Festival street fair this morning! It was pretty okay... I was expecting a lot more fresh vegetables and flowers, like a farmer's market, so I was a little disappointed. I also was wishing for kettle corn, but none of that either. It was however, MUCH BIGGER than I had expected! There were a LOT of craft booths, but it was all the same stuff practically... Ribbon hairbows, jewelries, wreathes, candles. Maybe next year I'll share a booth with somebody, and see how my wares fare. I ended up buying a little cinnamon candle, local pecans, and a basket of red and green peppers (making some AWESOME meatloaf tonight.)

Here's the boll weevil monument smack dab in the middle of main street. Here's a little Enterprise, Alabama history for you: I think that this town used to grow tons of cotton or some other crap, but one year there was a plague of boll weevils that demolished the entire crop. So the next year, the farmers of Enterprise decided to grow peanuts instead, just in case the weevils came back. Well, I guess the market was spectacular for peanuts, so the town flourished. Moral of the story, weevils are awesome because they pwn unprofitable garbage.

Aaaaaand.... Yeah, only in the south.
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