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Free as a Bird! Papercraft Wall Art

I ended up making something for the craftster challenge after all. The requirements were to make a hanging decoration incorporating patterned/scrapbooking paper. Aside from scrapbooking paper as a material, I used black string and stabilizing old cereal boxes, plus the whole thing it held together with little dabs of hot glue.
To embellish, I lined edges of stuff with various pigment inks...
As you may have noticed, the bird is the same outline as that other bird I made the other day. I didn't want to use the original, but was feeling too lazy to draw up a new original one, so I traced it onto scrapbooking paper. Turned out pretty okay! The back is close to horrendous, but it's the front that counts.
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Christia said...

Oh this is AWESOME!! You're super crafty!