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Fish Don't Stink ATC and I saw an armadillo

I put together this page in my litte ATC book this morning with a "fish don't stink" ATC I made with some paintchips and handspun cord, along with some old fish hangtags and inchies
Here's a close-up of the ATC itself before I pasted it in...
On an unrelated note, my hubby and I went to Frank Jackson State Park today to celebrate Columbus Day! It was raining pretty bad, so we were the only ones there! They have this event going on called "Scarecrows in the Park" where various social groups and businesses set up scarecrow scenes along the hiking trails. It's pretty flippin' creepy.
The highlight of my day was when I saw a real live armadillo nosing in the leaf litter eating bugs. I was pretty amazed that I was able to get SOOOO close to it. I guess they have incredibly poor eyesight, so this one walked RIGHT UP TO ME when I was crouching to take its picture, then got downwind of me, smelled me and ran away. Cool huh?!!
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Christia said...

Awesome armadillo :) Those fish are cute!

Nate True said...

Haha, creepy camping with scarecrows and an armadillo! What better Columbus Day could you ask for? :D

malooh true said...

I have a beanie baby armadillo, but not as exciting as this one. WOW