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There's a garden mole in this cupcake.

Painted and put together this gem while catching up on 30 Rock and Conan tonight. It's a mole in a cupcake! My original idea was to have a molerat colony with lots of tunnels in a very large cupcake, but I didn't feel like doing something so elaborate. Maybe someday.
Does it even look like you're looking into the cupcake, like the mole is inside? I wonder if the imagery is effective, or if I only see it because I know what it's supposed to be.
Here's the mole in a middle stage of done-ness. He looks like a little potato. ( Aw, sharkfarts! I just realized I forgot to add whiskers!)It's hard to capture how fuzzy they are in real life by painting. Oh well. He's a cute little potato.

I felt a little more chipper today and did some housecleaning, too. I'm glad this hard week is almost over. I might get to buy some new pens tomorrow if Bobby's not working. Fingers crossed.
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Audrey said...

I could tell that the mole was inside the cupcake! It's so cute!

Alexz said...

This is so cute! It is looks like a mole, and it does look like he is inside. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

So cute! But what is it? a card? wall art?
Wouldn't it be cook to bake a brownie and when you bite into it it has a plastic mole in the middle?

Kira - said...

Oh, it's just a little painting! 6x6 inches is all :)

Sam said...

Love, love, love the mole in the cupcake! It's just so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the mole in the cupcake! What else can you put in a cupcake? I think I'd buy a...tuxedo cat in a cupcake ('cause I have a tuxedo cat)...or a bunny in a cupcake...OR!! a zombie in a cupcake. I heart monsters. Hmmm...Vampire in a cupcake? :) I'd buy those too!
So, cute! I could absolutely tell that the Mole is in it. Very impressive!