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Pencil Roll!

Had to come up with a project for the YW at church to learn to sew with, and I thought this pencil roll would do the trick. Such an easy project afterall.
All of the sewing is all straight stitches, and there are only 2 pieces to the pattern.
It should come in handy for them at school. A good way to keep writing utensils organized...
MEOW. Haha, I soooo don't feel creative today. I already finished the first Twilight book this morning that I got on Saturday. I'm a stupid-fast reader, so it didn't take long. Bad news, folks. I'm hooked. I bought the 2nd book whilst grocery shopping this morning and I'll probably be spending a lot of time reading it in the next few days :) Anyways, happy Monday, everyone.
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Christia said...

Yay for Twilight! :) So exciting.

malooh true said...

Oh how sweet of Bobbi.

Amy and Nathan said...

oh, those books are so awful! So awfully addicting!!!!!! I read those books so fast, I couldn't get enough of the vampire goodness!!! Wish you guys were here, we could make date to go see the 2nd movie.