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Octopus Two-fer: A plush and a painting

I woke up with a staggering headache this morning... I'm almost certain I'm just dehydrated, so here I lay with my trusty netbook, nursing a bottle of makeshift gatorade (2/3 water, 1/3 hawaiian punch, a pinch of salt: tastes just like the real thing). Blargh, I hate feeling cruddy on a Saturday. Hopefully I can get past the brain-blaster before noon.
In my misery, I have decided to do a two-fer post with a couple of goodies I made for that sealife swap. First, a plushie mo-hair octopus. Technically, he's a quadrapus, but we're all friends here. I can call him whatever I want.
I made it out of one of those hideous sweaters from the flea market I got a while back. It's always rewarding to turn something horrendous into something cute a squishy...
Next we have a big ol' octopus painting. You can count the legs this time.... they are all there. I used my favorite medium, watercolor...
Then I did the outlining and details with acrylic ink and a quill. I hope you enjoyed today's saturday.
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