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Baby Chick Bookmark

Here's a simple bookmark I made. (READING IS FUN AGAIN!) I used a base cut out of a cereal box, then used my gluestick to paste on scraps of sheetmusic, novel pages, etc. Once that was dry, I put 2 coats of a white wash, pasted the pic of the cute babies, punched a hole, then looped through the yarn. This is handspun yarn, BTW, made by yours truly by spinning fiber around a pencil :D
The pic is cut from an old children's encyclopedia. I remember a song in Spanish class baack in the day where the Spanish baby chicks say, "pio! pio!" whereas the American chicks say, "cheep! cheep!" I like 'pio' better, so I stamped that instead.

With that, I'll tell you what my favorite books are, so you can try them if you want to: Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Watership Down, Jane Eyre, Xanth Series, etc. I'm not a big reader, so my tastes may be a little bland! Oh well, happy weekend.
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