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Angler Fish ATC

Even though they're scary-looking as heck and I'd probably poop the sea if I spotted one swimming next to me in the ocean, angler fish are pretty darn cool. I made an angler fish ATC today!
I put some Plaid brand clear glass finish on the eyes to make them bulge a little and make them super shiny. I've had this stuff for years and years, and barely used it... Now I have a feeling I'll run out of it too soon.
It gives a kind of epoxy sticker look and dries crystal clear. These pics were taken just now, so the eyes aren't clear yet. Hehe, isn't this card just so funny?
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Danni said...

Angler fish normally scare the pants off of me. If they all looked like this guy with his adorably huge eyeballs, they'd be even more deadly.

I mean, who can resist ...big...shiny eyes?

Nate True said...

That so needs to be a pop-up! Imagine that jumping out of the page at you!