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Resin Bottle Caps

Here they are! Resin-filled bottle caps... I did a few only, and many of them didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but so is life.
Here are my favorite ones... Especially the airplane one. I did the images and artwork by cutting out quarter-size bases out of a cheez-its box, pretty much just like I make the ATC and inchie bases out of em. Then I made em up just like little inchies :D
I haven't been able to find any bails (bales? sp?) at Michaels or Joann online, so I may just have to make them into magnets or something unless I can find a way to drill or punch holes into the bottle caps.
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Tara Ethington said...

Those are soo awesome. I like the plane one, the sting ray and the parachuting richard scarry cat. Where'd you get all the bottle caps? Let's make these at Christmas!!!!!