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Turning scraps into scrappy "yarn"

My scrap bag has been staring me in the face for weeks, and late last night it begged me to become another weaving project.
I thought how much easier it would be if all the scrap pieces were connected into one long strip! I thought of tying them together, but abandoned that idea because it would make the end result really lumpy and would take away of alot of the length. I decided to sew it all together in one continuous go on the sewing machine.
And so it went, feeding through piece, after piece, after piece, letting it all pile up behind the sewing machine! I don't know when the last time my sewing machine had to do so much work... The pedal was getting SUPER hot and burning my foot, so I know there was something wrong. I should have stopped for the sake of my machine, but I'm reckless at midnight, so I put on a flip-flop and just kept going.
Tada! A ball of scrap! I think I'll weave it into something cool today. Maybe a bowl? How do people make those fabric bowls?! It would also be kinda cool to knit it. Dunno, we'll see what I do after some research.
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