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Hangtag Bonanza

Last night I got into the mindless-hang-tag-making-zone and made 36 hang tags while watching old episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix. I will share with you my favorite sets...
Doodled birds. I think the ostrich turned out a bit wonky, as I didn't leave myself much room for the legs... I think my favorites are the quail and the egret.
Doodled fish. I kept wanting to come back to doodling jellyfish and octopi, but thought those designs were getting a bit old. I chose to doodle some sea creatures with some bones this time. (I had salmon for dinner last night, so delicious fish was on the brain).
More sea creatures. I don't think I'm quite *out* of the hangtag-making mode, so I think I'll make some doodled kitties next. Happy Tuesday morning to you.
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